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Video is one of the best modern training tools. We post videos every day as a teaching resource for our students to use. We have hundreds of martial technique tutorial videos online available to students as a resource (free). 

We have many written resources we give to students: Dojo information, Strategy guides, Curriculum, General Dojo info, and martial arts knowledge and answers to common questions.

Video is a great teaching tool. We use video software such as Coach’s Eye to give students an instructional tutorial on improving their martial technique.

We also do a regular “Street Fight/Attack Analysis” video series where we do a tactical analysis of video of real street attacks.

Street Effective Krav Maga for Self Defense

Peace of Mind from Having Simple, Proven Effective Self Defense Martial Arts Skills

Being able to protect yourself and your family will give you confidence and peace of mind. Real martial skills from arts like Krav Maga are very simple and proven to work under real self defense situations. Your family feels more at peace knowing they are protected. All of our students that have needed to use their self defense skills have been 100% successful. (most of them had less than 6 months of training. These martial skills work.

Personal Transformation Through Martial Arts Training

As you improve your Krav Maga & self defense skills you will also improve yourself as a person. Self defense skills and physical confidence will cross over into personal improvement in all areas of your life. Speed, power, timing. balance, flexibility, mental strength & focus, confidence. You become an improved version of you.

The Dojo Brotherhood

We are an all adult martial arts school. We have a really good group of people that train at the school. You will feel very comfortable here even if you are a completely new to martial arts training. New students are welcomed and all the other students will help you with mastering your self defense skills.

Krav Maga for Self Defense

Real world self defense skills are VERY simple and extremely effective. The fighting skills have to be simple so they work under the stress and fear of a real attack. The techniques are also very quick, the whole self defense sequence should take less than 2 seconds.

When we ask prospective students about why they want the chance to train at our Dojo, some people will say “I just want real self-defense skills, I don’t want to be a Martial Artist”.

What they mean is they are not trying to be a Chuck Norris/Jackie Chan style martial artist -with the acrobatic Karate jump spinning hook kicks or super intricate Kung Fu etc.

They also are not looking to do some kind of UFC style mixed martial arts (MMA) competition, where you train to get in the ring and “ground and pound” the opponent over a 5 round, 30 min marathon.

Original “war arts” martial arts (and modern derivatives like the Krav Maga) are nothing like that. Everything is simple, you can learn functional skills right away (not years later) and fights are over in a few seconds. No spins, no backflips, no full splits and head high kicking.

Our students won’t likely get offered a part in a martial arts movie, but to date they have been 100% successful in defending themselves in real life.

That’s why we have so many students with serious, real world military/law enforcement backgrounds (as well as many students with Black Belts in Karate and other arts) that choose to train here as members of the Dojo.

Their real life experiences have taught them what martial skills actually work and those functional, effective are what is taught here so they train at our school.

A well known Bruce Lee saying is:
“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own.”

Effective fighting systems naturally evolve in the direction of doing what works (adding martial skills as needed) and eliminating what does not work. The techniques will be further adapted to the circumstances and needs of the of arts practitioners.

An Okinawan Karateka facing a (relatively) slower opponent in a fully armored Samurai will utilize a different set of skills and methodologies than a Krav Maga fighter facing a fast, unarmored knife fighter.

As you progress as a student in your training you will also naturally develop your own unique tendencies and preferences as you practice your art making it “uniquely your own”.

Excellent Martial Arts Training

Excellent martial arts training will make you well rounded technically in all the “4 fighting ranges” plus weapons but it should also develop you as an individual (both personally and as a martial artist).

Having the ability to effectively defend yourself is huge and an important aspect of your personal abilities to get handled if you still don’t know how. We live in a world where random violence is a possibility. If you watch your local news you see that every day. You would be wise to address it. If someone spent time on boats you’d think it was foolish for them to not know how to swim. Self defense is the same except if most people knew how defend themselves incidents of random violence and the need for defense would drop. Attacking trained fighters is much more difficult and dangerous than attacking helpless victims. Predators need to prey on the weak. The strong are too risky.

Training in combative arts like Krav Maga will also give you added confidence and peace of mind and develop you in other ways. Self defense is a good goal and many people start training in the arts because they want self-defense abilities but being a serious martial artist will also give you many other benefits.

“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.”

-Lao Tzu

Self defense training is challenging but fairly straight forward. You can become a functional fighter in Krav Maga or any other reality based system fairly quickly. The reason people train for a lifetime is partly to keep up their skills but mainly for all the other benefits they get from the training: improving themselves as a person mind body and spirit, the feeling of being at your best, enjoying training with a great group of people and for the overall fun of the arts.

“I don’t doubt that at the dawn of martial arts, the main goal was to beat up one’s opponents in the most effective way possible. But then, indirectly, the alchemy of martial arts began to strike some chords deep within the spirit of many individuals, transforming living war-machines into poets, artists, and philosophers.”
-Daniel Bolelli, On the Warrior’s PathBest of luck to you in your training.
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