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Karate is a self defense system from the Okinawan islands that is primarily a striking art. Karate uses Kicks combined with various punches and hand strikes, blocks and strong stances.


Original versions of Karate are very simple, using a lot of linear striking techniques and kicks. Most of the original karate systems are what we call “hard style“ as opposed to the softer martial arts that use parrying and re-directions, Hard style Karate uses a lot of explosive striking techniques.


For instance, when blocking a punch a karate block is actually a strike, blasting the punching arm aside. The advantages of these type of techniques are they are very simple, usually very easy to learn. Karate techniques can also be effective even if they are not done correctly.


Some martial arts styles because of the nature of the techniques they use need to be done extremely exactly, for instance some “soft style“ kung fu system use re-directions and parrying That need to be done very precisely if they are to be effective. These kinds of skills will give you significant advantages versus an attacker but they will take longer to perfect.

Karate uses relatively easy and easy to learn striking techniques. Punches, back fists, Palm heels, knife hands, front kicks, sidekicks, roundhouse Kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes etc. Because of this you can gain functional self-defense abilities fairly quickly. It’s easier to just strike and opponent with your fist, elbow or foot and stand them or do them some damage. That’s why military based martial arts systems such as Krav Maga use karate as the foundation of their striking techniques. These techniques are easy to learn and can be used almost immediately to make the defender functional.



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