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Strategy - Krav Maga Fort Lauderdale | Self Defense Fighting Skills


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martial arts strategies

The four fighting ranges

The 4 fighting ranges you need to be skillful in are: Kicking Range, Punching Range, Infighting Range & Grappling Range.


martial skills match up

Most martial artists and most attackers have one preferred set of skills (punching, wrestling etc). You need to adjust your tactics accordingly.


physical matchup

When evaluating our physical matchup versus an opponent we focus on height/reach and strength/mass. There are 4 possibilities which will give you 4 main strategies.  



"Bunkai" is teaching the application or function of a martial technique. Bunkai gives you an understanding of how, when and why to use a certain martial arts technique.


empty your cup

"Empty your cup" is a learning strategy and a philosophy that is heavily emphasized in martial training.

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