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Garrett Pic Krav Maga
Garret Macine

I trained at the Bushido Ryu Dojo for years before I joined the IDF and later the Duvdevan counter terror unit. This Dojo is the best martial arts school in south Florida for realistic, street functional skills. The instructional is excellent and the facility is top notch.

Dylan Krav Maga
Dylan R. Meredith

My time at the Bushido Ryu Dojo prepared me mentally and physically for the challenges I would endure years later in Afghanistan with the Marine Corps. The training and personal development I experienced plays a major role today in the development of myself as a team leader, training my marines to be technically and tactically proficient in their line of work. When I return home I plan on continuing my education in martial arts and could think of no better school to do so.

Miguel Krav Maga Fort Lauderdale
Miguel Western

I am a retired Deputy Warden from Rikers Jail in New York and a FBINA Graduate. I worked my way up from a corrections officer. I have trained extensively and am proficient in Japanese Jujitsu, and Shotokan Karate.
As an active member at Bushido Ryu Dojo, I can inform you that this combative style is as functional for real life situations as it gets. The instruction is top notch and the Sensei is exceptionally skilled and a great teacher

Steve Krav Maga
Steve Goldberg

I Highly recommend the Dojo. I met Sensei Knapton over 3 1/2 years when I interviewed to become a member of his school. I have studied and am proficient in 3 other martial arts. We sat and chatted and I personally felt that his approach to this more private school in where he has created a culture where one feels safe that he has properly vetted the other students as to their proper fit both physically and mentally would make a good addition to this school was a unique approach instead of the hard sell one gets at a McDojo. The combative style that Sensei Knapton teaches works in the real world. The instruction is excellent and very functional.

Mark Krav Maga
Mark Chadwick

I had the distinct privilege to train here off and on for the last four years while I was stationed at the FLL airport. I personally have trained in all types of Martial arts starting in middle school all through HS wrestling, then Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Jujitsu and also about 8 years of Judo.. I also served overseas as a Marine Infantryman in Iraq, Bosnia, and Kosovo. I can attest that the techniques taught at this dojo or the most relevant I've seen in actual street//combat scenarios. The Sensei is very knowledgeable and also super friendly and nice..... it's a friendly environment.  The techniques taught here are not extremely difficult to learn but highly effective. I just wish they had an affiliate  school here in Denver or if the Sensei just wants to move out here id definitely train with him again and highly recommend this dojo ! One of the best Dojo's I have ever trained at and I will truly miss it!

John Krav Maga
John Oakes

I spent 12 years of my army service as a Green Beret. My experiences taught me the value of reality based martial skills. I applied to become a member of the Dojo because I saw the high quality of the instruction and the extreme effectiveness of the techniques that are taught here. This is the top martial arts school in the area for functional martial arts training. I highly recommend the school.

Greg Krav Maga
Greg Rivero

When I started my law enforcement career With the US Marshal Service I found that the skills I learned at the Bushido Ryu prepared me for the real world far better than any other discipline and training.This is an exceptional school which teaches reality based martial skills through training in the older more original martial arts. I highly recommend the school.

Josh Krav Maga Fort Lauderdale
Josh Jenssen

I have been a student at Bushido Ryu Dojo for going on 5 years now and I can say that the whole experience with Sensei Knapton and the other students has permanently changed my life for the better. The teachings and philosophies that are offered at Bushido Ryu Dojo have made me much more confident in my own mindset towards life in general and gave me the peace of mind of having the skills to defend myself in the outside world through an excellent, well rounded system of martial arts training. I couldn’t have hoped for a better martial arts school to train at.

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